15 Second Rule: Debunking The Facts On Why Users Leave Your Site

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3 min readAug 25, 2022


How long does an average user stay on the website? Well, the answer is less than 15 seconds! Yes, that’s totally true! It’s a fact that an average user would stay on your site for 15 seconds, so basically you have those 15 seconds to grab the attention of your audience. As per Hubspot, 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your site. The whole idea of businesses here is to get undivided attention from the users and not to get clicks, shares, or likes.

What’s the mantra to make your audience stay a bit longer on your site? Well, check out the below-mentioned points to find out ways that will help you do the same.

Ads Everywhere

We know that Ads are a lucrative source of making conversions on site. But, too many ads can actually ruin the core idea behind your site. Imagine a visitor opens your site and all they see is multiple banner ads, pop-ups, and so on. Now, a casual user who happened to explore your site will spend more than 15 seconds getting rid of those annoying pop-ups. What do you think the user will do? The user might skip exploring your site and of course, you don’t want that, right? Now imagine if the user was genuinely interested in your product or services. So, the best you can do is that instead of lashing out at the potential customer with pop-ups or annoying ads, keep them to a minimum or place them in a way that doesn’t hinder the user experience.

Placement Of Content

Good content is worth a thousand bucks. Yes, that’s true! It has been observed that 50% of the company’s sales are lost when the customer cannot find what exactly they are looking for. But, if your content is strategically placed, then you are surely adding to a good user experience. Present your content on a silver platter and put emphasis on the things that will make the user stick to the site. You can also take the help of tools like — Google Analytics or Heat Maps to help you understand the pages or website sections where your user is hitting on more.

Be Genuine To Your Audience

Of course, the loading speed of the site is important but so is the website’s credibility. In the world, where we hear of online scams and frauds, the user has become quite smart to find which site is worth exploring and which is not. To ensure the credibility of your site, you can use third-party security integrations or payment integrations like — PayPal to enhance the authenticity of your site. Also, don’t forget to add details on the Contact Us page of your site.

Wrapping Up!

So, the truth is that whether it is 15 seconds or more, you need to make your site worth every second. So, work hard on this and ensure your site is user-friendly always, so it doesn’t hinder the user experience at any cost. Good Luck guys!



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