3 Must-Try SEO Tools To Boost Your SEO Rankings

SEO is the soul of online marketing and it takes a lot of time to conquer the world. To rank your website on the search engines, a lot of analysis needs to be done. From keyword research to competitive research, there are a lot of things that need to be done. To do these things more efficiently, there are SEO tools to the rescue.

SEO tools not only save time but also help in doing SEO analysis more efficiently. If you start searching for the tools online, you will find ample options to choose from. Cutting the confusion aside, we have created a list of top SEO tools that will help in increasing SEO rankings in 2021.


SemRush is one of the leading competitor analysis tools that help in evaluating website graphs and also help in finding the competitor’s stats. The tool has been helping several businesses to understand the SEO strategies of the competitors and create one for their business.

Key Features:

Organic Research — The tool allows you to see the top-ranking keywords that are used by competitors.

Advertising Research — This feature helps you create and run better ad campaigns by analyzing the ad budgets of others.

Product Listing Ads — The tool also provides a feature to see the competitor’s product feeds and listing ads.

Traffic Analytics — SEMrush also tells the user about the website traffic and performance on the search engines. This further helps in understanding the media consumption and behavior of the customers.

Growth Bar

If you are looking for easy-to-use SEO tools, then look no further and choose Growth Bar. It is an extension of Google Chrome that takes care of all the SEO needs. It is fast and 100% reliable. The simple user interface allows you to easily understand the stats and get better information.

Key Features

Organic Research: The tool allows you to see keyword suggestions and how they are ranking on the search engines.

Difficulty Score: Let you know how tough it is to rank a particular keyword by telling its difficulty score.

Competitive Metrics: You can obtain all the competitor’s data including backlinks, organic keywords, performance metrics, and more.


It is considered to be one of the best SEO tools. The tool is used for URL rankings, backlinks audits, competitive analysis, and more. The impressive features will give you an overview of the competitor’s site and give you all the data handy.

Key Features

Ranking History: You can see the history of a particular keyword and how it is used on the website.

Content Explorer: You can easily do a content search using the tool and see them on the web pages.

Keywords Analyzer: The tool gives you hundreds of keyword ideas when you raise a single query.


Well, these were the top 3 SEO tools that can surely boost your SEO rankings. While choosing the SEO tool, make sure you consider your requirements and SEO goals. Select one and make the most of the SEO tool.




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Softuvo Insider

Your technology partner is here! Softuvo Solutions is an IT consulting company that can accelerate your business growth! Welcome to our tech blogs section!

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