3 Robust DevOps Monitoring Tools You Cannot Afford To Miss

There is no surprise to the fact that DevOps is ruling the world of technologies. DevOps is considered to be a crucial component of the tech industry. From the initial project planning to the software delivery, DevOps can help in all the stages of the development. Technology has evolved over time and so are the tools relating to the same. There are a variety of DevOps tools available for — testing, developing, automation, and more. More than 90% of companies agree that DevOps has positively influenced their organization.

This post is about DevOps Monitoring tools and how it plays a vital role in enhancing project efficiency. Let’s start reading out the basics.

What Exactly Is DevOps Monitoring?

It is the process of monitoring or keeping an eye on everything from the strategy to development, from deployment to operations, and integration to testing, DevOps monitors everything. Not just that, it also provides a real-time and comprehensive view of status production services, applications, and infrastructure. The technology helps in doing quality testing by detecting the errors sooner than the regular. Thereby enhancing the overall development process.

3 DevOps Monitoring Tools You Must Try


The tool helps understand and track the metrics in real-time that are affecting your business at different levels. Librato comes with impressive features like — analyses, visualizations, alerts, and a lot more. The tool can efficiently acquire all the data and transform it to any source in real-time without any effort.

Key Features:

  • Helps in providing data visualizations and data monitoring.
  • Analyzes and monitors the data.
  • No need for installation.
  • Get instant notification on completion of activity processing.
  • Simple user-interface
  • Reliable alerts that help in initiating necessary actions.


Speaking of popularity, Sensu steals the limelight with its amazing functionality. It helps in keeping the track of the apps and infrastructure. The tool helps in combating the problems in the infrastructure and applications by combining the static, dynamic, and temporary. Although the tool does not provide SaaS, you can still monitor your system as you want.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic de-registration and registration of clients.
  • Send notifications and alerts.
  • Not affected by the multi-tiered networks and mission-critical applications.
  • Perfect for automating the processes.
  • Has excellent commercial support.


This tool is an amazing DevOps monitoring tool that allows the whole development team to monitor the app's performance, dependability, and manages the errors quite faster than others. It is an excellent alerting system and incident response that is simple to use and configure. This efficient tool helps in assessing the performance and reliability of the apps and helps to quickly address the errors at the earliest.

Key Features:

  • The system can auto-escalate if the alert does not respond at the set time.
  • It features an intuitive API that makes the tool quite popular amongst users.
  • Powerful GUI tool for escalation and scheduling policy.


Well, these were our top three picks of DevOps monitoring tools. Use them and ensure continuous delivery without any errors. Good luck!

Feel free to share your thoughts or suggest other tools in the comments section.



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