4 Best Android Libraries You Must Use In 2021

Whether you are just starting as an Android developer or you are already a seasoned Android developer, several tasks need to be performed to complete the development process. Well, you are not alone, many developers go through tough development scenarios on an everyday basis. But thanks to the libraries and frameworks, they find ways to ease the processes.

Android libraries and frameworks are basically a set of implementations of behavior that have a well-defined interface and are written in programming languages. These libraries include — pre-written codes, configuration data, help data, classes, values, and more that helps in easing the whole development process. These resources help the developers to make apps from scratch without any hassle.

This post will guide you with the top Android Libraries That You Must Try In 2021.


Have you ever encountered several issues while creating an Android app with dynamic components? If yes, then EventBus is probably what you need. This library is made to take care of the issues utilizing the subscriber/publisher design. The Android framework has helped in simplifying the communication between event senders, parts, decouples, and collectors. Not just that, it also performs really well with the library that is decoupled with another, thus prompting code that is less complex and easy to troubleshoot. Apart from that, it also provides some high-level advanced features like — subscriber needs and delivery threads that help in avoiding error-prone dependencies and other complex issues that can hinder the development process.

Dagger 2

This library stands itself apart from the others libraries as it works by compile-time and Java annotations to estimate and analyze several dependencies. Other Java dependency libraries suffer from several limitations like — incurring performance penalties, relying on XML, validating depending on issues at the run-time, and more. Not just that, Dagger 2 library helps in simplifying the access to shared instances. However, it is not easy to learn and grasp, but it is definitely worth it. Sometimes during the development of large applications, you might encounter difficulty in maintaining, Dagger 2 helps in creating a dependency injection graph with couple-time that helps in keeping the track of almost everything. So, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance part as it will be necessary.


If you are looking for a solution that can help map out the APIs with ease, you should definitely try your hands on Retrofit. This type-safe REST client for Java and Android, and help in dealing with APIs integration into the client interface and annotations. Earlier, when you had to make a network request, then you needed an Async task class to fetch the desirable data, but using Retrofit, all these complexities are finished. With this easy and quick solution, a developer can easily manipulate the headers and endpoints, select request methods, add query parameters, and request body. Apart from this, Retrofit is a super Android library that also takes care of parsing POJOs by using the converters.


Picasso is a widely accepted and trusted Android image library. It allows hassle-free image uploads in the application and is often in one line of the code thus making it an easy app development process. Picasso also takes care of downloading cancelation, image view recycling, complex image transformation, automatic memory, caching, and more. Apart from these, there are several other reasons why Picasso is a popular choice among Android developers such as — it can easily detect the adapter for re-use and also catch the previously canceled downloads. Also, it can efficiently transform the images to make them a better fit for different layouts.

Final Thoughts

So, this was our list of top Android libraries that provide support to the developers during the development processes. Also, these libraries help in making mobile apps more responsive and intuitive. If you want to simplify your app development journey, then make efficient use of these libraries.



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