4 Business Myths Startups Shouldn’t Neglect In 2022

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3 min readOct 29, 2021


Establishing your business in the market can be a huge hurdle for businesses. There are several aspects that need to be taken care of when starting a business. Many new entrepreneurs are stuck with some common misbeliefs that restrict them to invest in the market, while others may start doing things without any proper research. The ever-increasing competition in the market is an add-on to all the other things.

Here we will be highlighting a few common myths that usually stop businesses to make their next big move. Want to know the details? Let’s read the points!

#Myth 1 — Technology Investment Is Meant Only For Big Entreprises

This one is probably the most common technology myth that can trap you. We often hear people say they are a big company, that’s why they are investing this month. Or some may even say that technology advancements are meant only for elite enterprises, startups should restrain themselves from investing in the same. Well, these are all false interpretations. What startups need to know is that technology is accessible for all and if you can’t invest much, then having a slice of cake won’t harm you. What it means is that if not in bulk, startups can invest little in technology aspects so as to gain better profits. And, history knows that startups that have unique ideas for business have gone too far.

#Myth 2 — App Or Website Comes First And Product Next

Another common myth businesses may come across is the presume that launching an app or website is a prerequisite in the market. Well, it is definitely important to create an app or a website for business but don’t you think that it’s the product or service that comes first? What’s the point of an app or a website when there is no product to showcase. So, in that case, startups are advised to launch their products first in the market and then move on to creating an app or a website.

#Myth 3 -Investing In Technology Means You Will Get Success

Technology investment definitely gives businesses a good jump, but it is not necessary that investing in innovative technology will surely lead to business success. The fact is that both the customers and the investors hesitate to invest in the latest technologies. The reason is simple — nobody likes dealing with new technology curves that may seem complex and unstable. Always remember that the mass audience will look for the solutions for the product or service and will ultimately provide the innovation.

#Myth 4 — Social Media Presence Is Not Necessary At Initial Level

How could you think that? In these times everything is going social, it is quite important to stay active on all the social media portals. Social media is a wide market and helps businesses stay connected with audiences across the globe. Active participation on social media — blogs, creative social media posts, stories, surveys, and more can keep your brand engaged with the audiences. This allows your brand to create a wider market from the initial stages of your business

Summing Up!

Every day business passes through technology shifts and the market share keeps on changing. There are many big names in the industry like — Facebook that started just like startups and its success is quite visible to all of us. So, instead of refraining from making big moves in the industry, bust these myths and start exploring new and innovative ways of business.



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