4 Frontend Development Tools, Frameworks, And Libraries To Use In 2021

Frontend development tools are gaining immense popularity in the world of web and mobile development. The tools help the developers to work on different technologies and build responsive website designs. Above all, the frontend development tools provide mobile quick app development at low prices.

The market is flooded with a number of frontend development tools, and choosing the right one is daunting. To help you all, we have curated a list of top tools and frameworks. Let’s get into the details.


Being the Google product, Angular is considered to be one of the most preferred front-end development tools. Angular offers scalability and productivity for the development of robust apps. The tool covers native mobile, native desktop, web, and mobile. Angular helps in fulfilling huge data requirements with ease. You can also create features and functionalities using hassle-free and explanatory templates.


  • Helps in creating rich web applications.
  • Effortlessly handles the JS code suitable on all the browsers.
  • Open-source, free, and widely used by developers.

Chrome DevTools

Google Chrome offers a wide range of tools for developers that can transform the pages and DOM. Using these tools, you can read messages, edit the pages, identify the errors, apply the styles, and optimize the speed. All the tools can easily be used in a single browser. The best thing about using these tools is you get active support from the DevTools community.


  • The performance panel functionalities allow you to optimize speed, access runtime performance and identify forced synchronous layouts.
  • Easily check the network activity using the DevTools.
  • Tools also offer different functionalities for security panels including — memory panel, console panel, sources panel, elements panel, and more.

NPM (Node Package Manager)

NPM is known for creating amazing creations using JavaScript. By determining the different code packages, it brings together more convenient ways to use them in new powerful ways. The tool is considered a highly utilized front-end development tool and is used as a command-line service to communicate with the said storage.


  • Streamlines and publishes the availability of namespace.
  • The tool can easily direct both the public and private code with the said storage that provides assistance to the package.
  • Reuse and decide more than 4,70,000 free code packages.
  • It controls and publishes to the namespace.


It is a full-stack JavaScript framework that is considered the most useful front-end development tool by developers. The best part of the tool is it allows the developers to make the changes on the backend without making changing the outlook among Python, PHP, Java, and Ruby. Meteor is made of a different set of library frameworks making it easy to create prototype apps.


  • Helps in building the app quickly and more efficiently.
  • Powered with a bundle of in-built features that can easily hold the frontend libraries and Node.JS server.
  • It provides a live reloading feature to refresh the required DOM components.
  • Allows MongoDB and MiniMongo that are coded in JavaScript.

Summing Up!

While these are the top front-end development tools of the year 2021. We still recommend considering a few factors before choosing any web development tools.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while selecting the right tool.

  • Stability and Usability
  • Built-in-debugger support
  • Customizations and Themes offered
  • Multiple language support
  • Price
  • Tools and functionalities

We hope, this detailed review has helped you in finding the best frontend development tools. Choose one and spread the magic of coding! Good luck!



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