4 Powerful Software Testing Tools Every QA Is Using In 2021

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4 min readMar 25, 2021


Software development is an evolving industry. Developing software is a big maze puzzle that involves several stages before reaching out to the customers. The best way to analyze the quality of the software is through intensive testing. And, to carry forward the testing procedure, there are various software testing tools available in the market. Finding the right fit can be daunting, so we have curated a list of top software testing tools every QA is using in the year 2021. Let’s read out the details and understand them in detail.


It is one of the most popular and established software tools that are widely used by web developers and testers. The software is a collection of language-specific bindings to record and playback the interactions with the browser. The tool is compatible with all the leading web browsers and supports a large number of programming languages like — Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, C#, and more. Not just that, Selenium WebDriver allows cross-browser testing.

The tool is open-source, free to use, and enjoys support from the largest browser vendors. Selenium is a feature-rich tool that makes it a personal favorite of various automation testers.

Katalon Studio

Katalon is a comprehensive cross-platform automation testing tool that is easy-to-use, free and is widely used by developers and testers. The tool supports mobile, API, web, and desktop applications across various operating systems. It features both codeless test creation for beginners and script customization for the experts. Not just that, the plugins available in the Katalon Store can help in extending the automation capabilities and easy integration of CI/CD software. The solutions provide seamless infrastructure support and offer a set of insightful reports and an instant feedback mechanism.

Katalon Studio focuses on eliminating the technical complexities thereby allowing the testers to create, run, report, and even manage the automated tests efficiently. The tool offers a free version for the individual testers and then later switches on to the paid version starting from $759 for an enterprise license.


Another one on the list is the Appium tool which is quite equivalent to the Selenium tool. The tool is primarily built for mobile testing purposes and is widely popular among various testers and web developers. The software supports cross-platform testing that works both for iOS and Android devices. The best part of the tool allows the users to upload, write, execute, and view the test results in the cloud directly. The tool requires advanced knowledge for testing the frameworks and implementing them. It makes the tool suitable for teams that have a deep understanding of the frameworks and other CI tools in the industry. This easy-to-use tool is remarkably the best-automated software testing tool that is open-source and is hosted publicly on GitHub.

Appium is open-source which can successfully be used to automate the large regression tests and convert the manual test cases in the automated scripts. The configuration and setup are easy, thus making it the favorites of the developers.


From test-case creation to test execution, this smart testing tool is known for automation of the entire testing process. Unlike other testing tools that use object perspective, Eggplant uses an image-based approach for testing. It supports a wide range of automation technologies and platforms from mobile, web, and POS applications. The tool features a short learning curve, making it the most suited testing tool for manual testers. Not just that, the tool provides a test lab which is a cloud management service that allows 24/7 access for continuous deployment and testing processes.

Eggplant supports integrations with CI/CD ecosystems such as Bamboo, Jenkins, CA Agile Requirements, and more. It provides a free demo and one can access the paid version by requesting a price.

Summing Up!

So, these were our top picks for software testing tools that you must try in 2021. While you may find many options to consider, we recommend considering your current business needs while choosing the testing tools. Always keep in mind that an intuitive tool will always support programming languages, supports basic optimization, learning curve, technical compatibility, and integration with your organization’s ecosystem. So, don’t fool yourself by simply going with the hype, instead make a smart decision and get your hands on the smartest testing tool now.

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