4 Smart Practices for Mobile UX Design You Must Follow

Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives and these phones are powered by the world of mobile applications. According to Statista, there are more than 3.48 million Android and almost 2.23 million iOS apps. But, the truth is not every app is worth spending on. To make an app compelling, UX design plays a key role. The apps can turn out to be a big blunder if it has UX issues like — poor usability, unpleasant navigation, and more are likely to get a rejection from the users.

In this blog, we will guide you with some of the best practices for mobile UX design that can help you app lovable among the audiences.

Go For Simple Navigation

Everyone says that writing a unique content and adding some amazing features will do wonders for your site. Well, it’s incomplete information. No matter how beautiful content you have written on your site or what features you have added, if the users cannot discover them on your site, then these are of no use. By making the navigation simple, you will help the users engage in a better way and easily access the site. Start implementing, easy-to-find elements that will allow the users to navigate from one page to another without any hassle.

Follow Minimalism

Minimalism is definitely the biggest trend of UI/UX design. While many people think that filling the site will make its site appearance much better, the truth is it will not do any good for the user experience. Users love site that is easy to use with no clutters. O for more white space and try to create a perfect balance between the basic design and the unique functionality. It will definitely do wonders!

Choose The Right Font

It is really important to select the right font for the site. Usually, we keep our focus on the visual components and tend to neglect the text fonts. But, these play a crucial role in enhancing the user’s experience. Picking the wrong fonts can ruin your website design. So, always go for fonts that perfectly sync with your website layout. Even the tech biggies like — Google and Apple keep their font at 12 points. This makes the screen readable for the users without zooming in. Not just that, it gives the users to view the text from distance without any hassle.

Ensure Sufficient Spacing

Another thing that you shouldn’t miss is to ensure sufficient spacing. This doesn’t mean that you have to use smaller text or less space, instead, it means to ensure elements and texts from overlapping. For this, you can increase the line height or element spacing to boost the legibility. Also, make sure you are always updated with the latest tech trends and technologies.


Well, there is no end to innovation and creativity, but some best design practices can help in keeping up the pace. So, if you are not getting the right response on your apps, then follow these mobile UX practices and steal the limelight among your audiences. Good luck guys!

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