4 Social Media Trends That Will Help Save Your Business Boat In 2021

The world of social media needs no introduction. Every year we witness new trends and evolutions in the online market. Over the years, there has been a lot of revolutions in the world of social media, especially in the year 2020 when the whole world was stuck in lockdown. Well that being said, 2021 opens more updations in the social media algorithms. The second wave of COVID19 has left us all again strangled in the lockdown. The only way to survive your business in such tough times is by being active on digital platforms.

Social media has been implementing a lot of changes that support the small as well as established brands to connect with their audiences efficiently. So, in order to make the most of social media platforms like — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more, businesses need to stay updated with the latest trends.

In this post, we will guide you with a few latest social media trends that can help you survive your business in these tough times. Let’s get into the details to find more.

Live Streams Will Still Be Favorite

COVID19 pandemic has left us with nothing but social media as the best resort to connect with audiences worldwide. In these times when social distancing and masks are compulsory, face-to-face physical meetings are just not possible. So, the best way to connect with your audiences is through live streaming. Social media platforms like — Facebook and Instagram give the live streaming option to reach a large section of audiences instantly. Not just that, live streams allow businesses to handle customer queries live and openly. And, with the current scenario of continuous increase in COVID cases in the country, live streams must be incorporated into your business strategies.

Stories Are A Big Thing

Ever since Snapchat rolled out the stories feature for the first time, there was no looking back for this. Later, Instagram and then Facebook adopted the stories feature and saw a massive increase in audience engagement. What’s surprising are the facts that more than 500 million users interact with Instagram Stories every day making it a big thing for businesses. So, there is nothing wrong to say that stories are a dominant content format and are not going anywhere soon. It has also been found that stories have a high tap-forward rate than video. So, Brands need to take a more strategic approach to execute business content for the stories to make the most of it.

Influencer Marketing Is Expected To Boom

Social media influencers have become the high-talk point of the social media world. Influencer marketing has not only to open opportunities for businesses to sell their products but also welcomed career opportunities for several influencers across the globe. From big influencers like celebrities to micro-influencers everyone is making the most of social media. So, one should definitely spend some time implementing social media strategies and create a lasting impression on your target audiences.

Virtual Reality(VR) And Augmented Reality(AR) Is Expected To Become More Popular

The next trend on the list is virtual reality. In these times when online marketing strategies are the only way to lead the marketing world, virtual reality can surely help in showing some significant business growth. If your business is seeking some meaningful interactions, then virtual reality is the technology trend that can help you achieve that seamlessly. Social media platforms like — Facebook is leveraging the Oculus VR platform to beta-test the virtual world that helps people to connect and explore games with others. It will surely be going to be revolutionary. The year 2021 will see more popularity of virtual reality as more platforms are expected to incorporate the technology.

Similarly, Augmented Reality of commonly known as AR is going to revolutionize social space. The technology is known to create interactive user engagement, ultimately benefitting the brands. When speaking of AR we cannot miss talking about Instagram that is known for powering AR technology to create interactive filters for the users. Several other brands are also incorporating AR to create brand-specific filters to promote their brand and encourage fan interactions. That’s right to say that AR is driving more purchases and is likely to grow business sales.

Final Words

These are some of the anticipated social media trends that will surely help you stay ahead of your competitors and build a solid brand image in the market. So, hop onto the trends and make the most of the year 2021 through the power of social media.



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