4 Trending Backend Technologies That Can Power-Up Your Software Development Process

What are the key players for software development? Well, no points for guessing! The two main players of software development are the frontend and the backend. The frontend focuses on enhancing the user experience on the client-side, while the backend represents the server-side of the software. This post is all about the backend!

The backend development consists of the libraries that assist the server configuration of the websites. Developments that take place at the backend cannot be seen by the end-user but the actions performed at the backend are much required for the success of the project. There are several technologies used for backend development, but some surely outshine the rest.

In this post, we’ll be talking about the trending backend technologies that you must use in the year 2022. Let’s dive into the details.


One of the classic picks for the backend technology, Laravel makes the space in the list for its advanced toolbox and effective language construction. Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework that syncs perfectly in the MVC architecture. The best part of using this technology is it gives the developers flexibility while coding, thus taking care of everything in the backend. Not just that, the whole upload procedure is easily executable and manageable.

Key Features

  • Solid template system
  • Expressive and versatility
  • Easy up-gradation process
  • Good community support and documentation.
  • Authorization and Authentication.

Ruby on Rails

ROR or Ruby on Rails is the server-side application framework that boosts the implementation of the pattern usages like — MVC or DRY. Ruby is an open-source and free programming language that helps in generating code that is elegant, compact, and powerful. It is unrestricted in terms of using, disseminating, modifying, and copying. Not just that, Ruby on Rails is also known for creating a fault-free database table structure. In short, Ruby is popular because of its nature to make adjustments without making any constraints.

Key Features

  • Easy testing and compilation
  • Code reusability in different projects
  • Great community support
  • Time and cost-effective framework


Django is a high-level and popular framework that is powered by comprehensive backend technology. This Python-based web framework follows a model-view-controller architectural pattern that helps in creating secure and maintainable websites and interactive applications. The best part of using Django is that it doesn’t require separate third-party plugins as all the components in the framework work together. Above all, there is a huge community that supports Django, thus making it extremely popular among all.

Key Features

  • Python Web Framework
  • Faster Development
  • Enhanced level of security
  • Scalable and Versatile
  • SEO Optimized


Another one on the list is Nest.js. It is written in TypeScript and JavaScript; features a lot of attractive features. It is considered one of the advanced and extensive frameworks for creating scalable backend systems. Nest.js is easy to learn and use and offers great connections with tools like — GraphQL. The major reason for its popularity is that it helps in providing the right balance of flexibility and structure to manage the codes in large projects.

Key Features

  • Fast and Easy development
  • In-depth documentation
  • MIT licensed and open-source
  • Supportable apps and Modernized coding
  • Strong CLI to enhance productivity

Final Thoughts

While backend technology is invisible for the users, it plays an integral role in the whole development process. So, these were our picks for the top backend technologies that you must invest in. Go ahead and rock your next project!!



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