5 E-Commerce Trends To Watch Out During Covid-19 Pandemic

E-commerce Shopping

E-commerce sector is taking over the traditional shopping centers. The global e-commerce market has crossed $1.5 Trillion and is expected to grow in the near future. The increase in demand for e-commerce channels has now led to tough competition in the market. Staying up on eCommerce trends has become the need of the hour.

In these times of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is time to brush up your business skills and make a hit at online platforms. Today, we have listed a few eCommerce trends that will dominate in the year 2020.

Voice Search

Voice technology has smoothly entered our lives. The voice search offers a variety of information and access to things, thereby making their lives much easier. The eCommerce sector is not behind, people now search for products over voice search and they get tons of results right away. It has been predicted that the e-commerce market will grow up to $42 billion by 2022.

The Covid-19 outbreak has changed the way we shop. We are now relying majorly on the e-commerce channels for buying goods. The ease of shopping online while sitting at home has made our lives so easy in these times. So, what businesses can do at this time? Well, businesses can use the voice search technology in their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Make a keyword analysis for your business products and services. This will help the users to find the products with ease. You can also consider choosing more languages, so people in different languages can communicate with ease.

Mobile Shopping

The mobile market has expanded exponentially over the years. According to a few states, more than 64% of people were shopping online in 2019. The trend is hot in the year 2020 and is expected to grow in the coming years. An American survey confirmed that 4 out of 5 people are involved in mobile shopping. The figures are worth considering.

The market has definitely affected the shopping behavior of consumers. The biggest e-commerce companies like — Amazon, AliExpress, and Flipkart have changed the world of shopping. The companies started with the eCommerce websites and now taking over with the e-commerce mobile apps. The introduction of mobile apps has boosted user engagement by enhancing the user experience. Businesses can focus on creating apps that help users to shop with ease.

Artificial Intelligence

When we speak of e-commerce companies, Amazon is the first name that comes to our mind. The Amazon app is using artificial intelligence to help enhance the user’s online shopping experience. Based on the user’s previous searches they help to find things more conveniently. This is the reason why users stay more on the app and shop.

If you are planning on hopping towards the eCommerce trends, artificial intelligence is something you cannot miss. You use the perfect blend of personalization and AI to change the buying behaviors. Not just that, you can also use Artificial Intelligence for email marketing purposes and expand your user base efficiently.


Customer services are always the biggest concern for e-commerce companies. Catering to your users is tough, especially at times like — Covid-19, where you need to deal with wide masses. Due to more people relying on eCommerce websites, it is difficult to satisfy consumer needs. The global market is expected to cross $1000 million by the year 2025, making it a big trend itself.

In this year 2020, chatbots will be a blessing for businesses! The companies can install chatbots to web and mobile e-commerce apps. The chatbots can interact with several users at a time, so it can answer queries with better responses. Personalized chatbots are being used by companies to help users find the right product as per their needs. This makes the user feel more connected to the brand and also helps within enhancing their shopping experiences.

Product Content

Powerful content can change anyone’s mind. For any modern e-commerce company posting powerful content on apps and websites can definitely upgrade the game. Catchy taglines and high-quality product descriptions are a way to go. Until or unless the user will be connected to your brand, you cannot change their shopping behavior. More than 75% of e-commerce companies agree that adding quality content has enhanced the overall sales.

What you can do? Focus on the pain points of the consumers and help them know how the product is useful for them. You can add detailed product descriptions with pros, cons, and other specifications that will help them know better about the product. Also, you can add FAQs (frequently asked questions), video content, and infographics content to make your content visually-pleasing. This will inform the users and help them make wise buying decisions.

Wrapping Up!

The e-commerce trends change every year, but these trends are here to stay. If your businesses are getting affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, these e-commerce trends will help you save your boat. Incorporate these trends and up your business sales. All the best!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Share your thoughts in the comment below.




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Softuvo Insider

Your technology partner is here! Softuvo Solutions is an IT consulting company that can accelerate your business growth! Welcome to our tech blogs section!

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