5 JavaScript Frameworks That You Must Try In 2021

When speaking of the programming languages, JavaScript hits the list. The reason for its popularity is simple, it works for both server-side as well as client-side. Considering its popularity, it is vital for the developers to be updated with different JavaScript frameworks. These frameworks are basically the collection of JS code libraries that help in providing pre-written JavaScript codes that can be used for standard programming tasks. Not just that, using frameworks saves time and increasing productivity.

In this post, you will read about the top JavaScript frameworks that you must try in2021.


React, a framework created by Facebook has garnered a lot of popularity ever since it has been launched in the market. It is an open-source JavaScript library used for building intuitive web and mobile user interfaces. React is considered an ideal option for building single-page applications (SPAs) and enterprise applications. React uses JSX that combines HTML and JavaScript.


  • Follows a unidirectional data flow.
  • It is possible to build a UI on most of the devices.
  • React is powered with several components like — own logic, access, and controls.
  • Easily readable and understandable app code.


One of the most powerful and dynamic JavaScript frameworks is Angular. This versatile framework is operated by Google. Angular recently launched its latest version — TypeScript and it allows the users to build native and web mobile applications for both mobile and desktop platforms. Angular follows the MVC (Model View Controller) model that gives access to the UI components and behavior.


  • The two-way binding feature helps in administering the synchronization between the model and DOM.
  • Offers built-in directives.
  • Covers a lot of built-in features with less code framework.
  • Easy to understand and evaluate the app-building structure.


VueJS is another open-source JavaScript framework that helps in building rich user interfaces. It is widely used in web application development and frontend applications. It comes with detailed documentation and is known for its TypeScript support, reusability, and easy-to-learn properties. It is a progressive framework that can easily be integrated with existing as well as other JavaScript frameworks. What’s more surprising is that in 2020, Vue was recognized as the best JavaScript framework surpassing React and Angular.


  • Offers HTML templates.
  • Uses virtual DOM.
  • Has a lot of components that allow building custom elements,
  • The data binding features enable changing styles, assigning values in HTML attributes, setting classes, and more.


The framework got into existence in 2015 and is quite popular in developing single-page applications. It is a highly flexible and adaptable framework that follows MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture pattern that works well with both web and mobile platforms. EmberJS considers CSS and HTML as fundamental of the development model. The framework provides an in-built testing environment, separate data layers, templates, and various features and functionalities.


  • Used for building JavaScript apps that can easily be maintained and rescued.
  • Uses HTML and CSS as the core for development models.
  • It helps to automatically update the model using templates.
  • To debug the Ember apps, the inspector tool is used.


Another one on the list is Meteor which is an open-source JavaScript framework widely used to build mobile and web applications. The framework allows the developers to operate the backend without flipping between the programming languages like — Python, PHP, and more. The isomorphic development ecosystem it provides helps in building real-time applications.


  • Provides full-stack features for web app development.
  • The reusability of code allows the same code for development on mobile and web platforms.
  • Comes with an in-built live reloading option that automatically refreshes the active web page without reloading the entire web page.

Final Thoughts

There is no size fit all JavaScript framework, you need to use a perfect blend of all the frameworks to get desired results. Each framework has its unique set of advantages and disadvantages, it is important to analyze the project’s requirements before making any final choice. We have curated this list of the top 5 JavaScript frameworks that are widely used by developers for the web and mobile applications development processes. Analyze your requirements before choosing anyone.

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