5 Not-To-Miss Things When It Comes To Laravel Development

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3 min readFeb 25, 2022


When we talk about web app frameworks, it is hard to miss Laravel. It is a free, PHP web application framework that is designed to develop amazing web applications. Over the years, there has been tremendous growth in the popularity of Laravel and it has emerged as a first-choice PHP framework among the developers. Wanna know the reason? Well, Laravel is powered with highly rich features and high readability. Since it offers an elegant syntax it acts as a point of initiation in the app development process.

So, if you wish to make the most of this platform, then you should try some of the best Laravel practices that will help you go a long way. Read the post to find the details.

Removing Unwanted Plugins

The developers need to be alert that there should be no unwanted plugins that can hamper the development process. Laravel is a powerful framework that allows you to remove the plugins without affecting the rest of the functions. This means that your website will not be collecting any unwanted data that can affect the site’s efficiency.

Use of Artisan

Another thing that you cannot miss is the Command Line software that really plays a crucial role in the whole web development process. Laravel features its own interface software popularly known as — Artisan. It helps in ensuring that there is an enhanced development process with power features. Not just that, this software also helps the developers in providing useful comments that can enhance productivity, thus enhancing the overall efficiency.

Using the Latest Version

When it comes to web frameworks, it is really important to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. Laravel keeps on upgrading continuously its features to remove the bugs and solve various other issues. So, it is important for the developers to be well-versed with the latest updates to bring the best in their products.

Use Of Laravel Debugbar

One great thing about Laravel is that it has its own in-built debugging option. It means that it can help the developers to receive all the important insight into the development process. They can then use Laravel Dusk, which is another testing software to test the browser applications.

Assets Compilation

It is really important to compile the data separately. So, to manage the data, Laravel offers an in-built asset compilation package that is known as Laravel Mix. Such incredible packages help in storing different kinds of data separately so as to help the developers through the different development phases. With this, the developer doesn’t have to worry about losing the data since everything will get stored in one place.


Laravel holds a lot of potential when it comes to developing web applications. If you are working on the framework or planning to invest in this, make sure you don’t miss these considerations. Go ahead and bring the best of your web app development processes.

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