5 Pro Tools That Will Help You Create Better Content

Content research is probably the most exhausting thing to do. You obviously want your content to rank on the first pages of the search engine. Choosing the right words for your content is of utmost importance but if you want to stand out among your competitors, then investing in the right tools is equally important.

To ease down the content research, there are ample tools that can help in generating content ideas and identify the right keywords. In this post, we will help you choose the right tools that will help in making your content game strong and make your content unique and compelling. Let’s dig into the details.


If you want to curate content that catches the attention of your audiences, then UberSuggest is a great tool to use. The tool helps you in finding keywords using Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Suggest. You can easily find content title suggestions with long-tail keywords. So, if you are looking for search-worthy content ideas, then the tool will surely cater to your needs.


Simply the content process with the BuzzSumo tool. Using this, you can pull the top posts based on the keywords and can easily sort them as per their reach on various social media platforms. It will help you analyze your audience’s preference and help you generate content ideas as per your audience’s interest. You can do custom settings to get more refined results.


This unique tool allows you to listen and monitor people’s conversations on social media. The whole point of this exclusive feature is to help you analyze the mistakes you are making in your content and refine it as per your target audiences. Is there anything better than getting the feedback on content straight from your audiences? Using this information, you can actually create a better user experience for your audiences.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Another one on the list is Portent’s Content Idea Generator which is an excellent tool for getting an array of content ideas in just a few minutes. The best part of this tool is it’s completely free and can provide countless content ideas. We all want our click-worthy content that is loved by our audiences. This tool is super helpful in nourishing your writing skills and creating masterpiece content loved by your audiences.


This online platform is flooded with a plethora of content ideas. It’s a discussion site where you can talk and learn about different topics and explore them. Here, you can easily find people discussing your niche and get better insights on something you need to know. Apart from that, you can also find new partnership opportunities with content marketers.


The modern landscape of marketing is quite different from the one we used to see previously. In today’s world, content marketers have to wear several hats to get the job done effectively. Content is the lifeblood of marketing and these tools can help you gain a wider perspective and gain an edge over your competitors.



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