Avoid These 4 Common React Native App Development Mistakes

Planning to build an app on the cross-platform framework? If yes, then React Native is a bright choice. According to Statista, 42% of developers used React Native for developing applications. If the figures don’t astound you then you must know that react native platform can reduce the app development costs by 40–50%. It’s truly amazing!

The popularity of React Native has grown exponentially over the past few years and it’s expected to grow in the coming years as well. React Native is the most impressive and versatile platform that not only enhances the pace of development but also helps in lowering the overall development costs. So, it’s definitely a win-win situation!

However, the React Native developers often make some mistakes that hinder the app development process. In this post, we will discuss a few common mistakes made by React Native developers that you must avoid.

Skip Reading External Modules

React Native developers use external modules in the development process, simply because it saves time as it helps in facilitating the development process. Moreover, they come with documentation that helps the developers. But, what happens sometimes is the modules break and not work as anticipated. That’s when the problem arises! Therefore, it is recommended for the developers to study the code and move onto the development process step-wise. It will surely help you fix the things that went wrong in the modules and resolve them efficiently.

Imprecise Estimates

One of the most common mistakes by developers is making wrong estimates while building an app. While creating an app there are several things that need to be taken care of. Let’s discuss the details.

  • It is really important for the developer to make separate estimates of layouts for both Android and iOS. Having a lack of understanding and experience of format standards and design principles can lead to inaccurate estimations. So, form the separate estimates.
  • While creating the web applications, the developer should ensure to double-check all the endpoints offered by the backend. This helps in controlling the logic and setting up the right code in the application.
  • It is also important to validate the layout as well. While creating a React Native app, you are supposed to write more codes for the hybrid app development.

Lack Of Image Optimization

This one of the most prevalent mistakes made by the React Native developers. Not giving weighable to image optimization can affect the app performance. The thing is when the images are not optimized they tend to take more storage and memory. This directly degrades the app performance.

Optimizing the images is not a big deal, all you need to do these things.

  • Try to use images in WebP format to speed up the load time.
  • Make sure you change the image size before uploading. (Try to keep images in small size).
  • Go for PNG over JPG formats.
  • Always cache the images locally to ensure a faster loading process.

No matter what sort of application you are building, never ever neglect to optimize the images. It will surely hinder the development process.

Coding Practices

Another common mistake made by React Native developers is the wrong use of coding practices. There are several types of coding practices you can adopt while developing an app using React Native framework. For example — it is important to adopt the naming conventions and then strive on enhancing the coding practices. But, if the codes are not followed strategically, it can decrease the app’s efficiency and delay the process of application. Above all, it will definitely hamper the overall quality. So, it is really important to take on the best coding practices as this will surely be a game-changer for your business.

Wrapping Up!

The future of React Native is really bright but a few mistakes can directly affect the process of app development. So, in order to save time and money, make sure you avoid these mistakes at all costs. So, what are you wondering? Keep these points in mind and begin building a futuristic React Native application.

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