Beware! Top Mistakes You Should Avoid Pre and Post Mobile App Launch

There’s no price for guessing, mobile app development is a highly profitable business in today’s time. The world of mobile apps has garnered over $133 billion in the year 2021 and this figure is expected to grow in the coming years. Not just that, companies are now investing a lot in the marketing budget of mobile ads.

However, businesses still make some silly mistakes both pre and post mobile app launches. Such mistakes can affect the app’s growth and revenue. To eliminate this misery you need to take care of a few things. Let’s find out the details on what those things are.

Pre-Launch Mobile App Mistakes

Missing Beta Testing

One of the biggest setbacks of the app is when the app crashes. More than 70% of people uninstall the app because it crashes. Now, that’s where Beta testing comes in! It helps in fixing the errors that get missed during the internal testing phase. Yes, it is true that a good internal testing process helps in catching most of the bugs. But, having your app go through Beta testing ensures that no stone is unturned to find the bugs. It helps in fixing issues such as lag, design, and security concerns of the app. Not just that, by doing beta testing, you can receive positive reviews equity early that can boost your number of downloads.

Didn’t Invest In Pre-Launch Marketing Campaign

Of course, when the customers won’t know if your product exists, then how will they even download it. Skipping the pre-launching campaign can actually lead to few downloads of the app. To get customers’ complete attention, you need to execute the right marketing strategy. No matter how interesting your app is, giving it a right start is quite important, and to foster this, having a pre-launch marketing strategy is much needed. It is helpful, effective, and economical

Abysmal App Store Optimization

Just like SEO, App store optimization is also a great way to rank websites. It helps in enhancing the app’s visibility and helps in reaching a wider audience. Both Android, as well as iOS App stores, provide these options. For this, you need to add the right app title, description, and content. It helps in generating a high number of downloads that can boost revenue and help you reach potential audiences.

Post-Launch Mobile App Mistakes

Now, let’s talk about a few mistakes that you should avoid post the mobile app launch.

Not Taking Care Of The Bug After Launch

Well, the fact is that bugs might show up when you launch the app. Constantly fixing them helps in the smooth functioning of the app and also helps in building trust among the audiences. However, if you keep neglecting the bugs, then it can lead to user dissatisfaction and negative reviews too which can damage the whole effort behind developing the app.

Pathetic Customer Support

Having good customer support and user-friendliness of the app helps in attracting and retaining customers. Even if your app is unique and remarkable, having user engagement helps in winning over the customers. Listen, interact, and provide them with the best solutions.

Ignoring User Reviews

This is something you shouldn’t neglect! It is important for app creators to keep a regular check on user reviews. It will help them in understanding the issues faced by the users, and also help you make the app better for future use.

Final Takeaway

Well, that’s all folks! If you are making your next move in mobile app development, then make sure you take care of both pre and post-launch mobile app mistakes and avoid them at all costs. Good luck!



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