Frontend VS Backend — What’s the Basic Difference?

In the web and mobile development world, frontend and backend are common terms. However, not many of you know the exact difference between the two. If you are aspiring entrepreneurs or developers who wish to learn about both these technologies, then you have landed at the right place.

This pose will cover up the basic differences between front-end and back-end development to help you know how they are different.

What Is Front-end Development?

In literal terms, frontend development is what the client sees visually on the web browser or app screens. It is also referred to as ‘client-side development.’ so, everything you see on a website or app is the frontend.

Front End of Mobile Apps And Websites

Let’s take a real example — you are watching this website. The splendid images, design, paragraphs, logo, notification button, and more that are displayed on the website are front-end development. The front-end development for a website is the same as the mobile. Not just that, the actions we take and the consequent results on the app or a website like — double-tap, pinch zoom in/out, and more are all frontends. Basically, it enhances the feel and looks of the screen. In short, all that glitters or gives life to the website or app comes under the frontend development.

Popular frontend technologies are — Angular, Kotlin, Ionic, Bootstrap, Reactjs, Vue, and more.

Front End of IoT

Wondering, how the front end of IoT works? Smart devices like — remote POS systems, smart fridges, smartwatches, and more that users use to interact to operate the devices. Well, the IoT devices don’t have frontend but firmware that is quite similar to the frontend development. However, there is UX/UI implementation and designing of IoT devices as well. This is written in programming languages like — Python, C, C++, JavaScript, and Lua.

What Is Backend Development?

Backend as the name suggests is something we don’t see on the front. It is commonly known as server-side development that ensures everything works fine at the back of the system. Common server-side programming languages include — Nodejs, PHP, ASP.NET, and more.

Back End of Mobile Apps And Websites

The backend of the website entices storing and retrieving of the data, setting up the servers, and interface that is connecting the servers with the frontend. In short, the backend developers are concerned about the website’s performance, speed, and responsiveness through cloud API, coding, and integration.

Just like in the case of the frontend development, the backend of a mobile app works the same way. To set up the backend servers for mobile apps are — custom server, cloud computing (Firebase, AWS), or MBaaS.

Some of the popular backend technologies include — PHP, Ruby, MySQL, ApacheRuby, Apache, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, and MongoDB.

Back End of IoT

Well, if you haven’t heard about it, then here you go! One of the most vital components of IoT is the cloud backend. And, most IoT devices largely depend on cloud servers to download or upload data and processes. Not just that, the advanced IoT solutions can also feature powerful capabilities like — Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Commonly used backend technologies used in IoT projects are Google Cloud, Amazon IoT, IFTTT, and more.

Frontend Vs Backend: What’s The Best?

Well, apart from the technology, it’s a matter of choice as well. If you are more inclined on improving the responsiveness and efficiency of the app, website, or software, then your call is backend development. But, if you are inclined on the feel and aesthetics of the product, then take on the front end as your preference.

We hope this post clears your basic doubts between frontend and backend. Want to share your thoughts on this, then feel free to drop your views in the comment section.



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