Impressive Email Marketing Hacks That Can Double Your Response Rates

The old yet classic ‘emails’ are always an effective channel for business communication. While technology has evolved a lot and there are several modes of communication channels, emails always stand out among all. It is an excellent channel to boost a brand’s visibility, share company updates, and click-through rates (CTRs), build connections with customers, sell products, and more. A well-crafted email can win over the customers and help you nurture the existing ones.

However, many businesses fail to leave a lasting impression via emails. Don’t worry! In this post, we will guide you with some super amazing email hacks that will make your business shine among your competitors and make customers fall in love with your brand. Let’s read them out!

Top Email Marketing Hacks

Work On The Subject Lines

The first and most important checkpoint of the email is its subject line. Of course, ‘first impressions are the last impressions.’ The majority of people ignore emails if they have spammy or vague subject lines. We all have been there, agree? It has been reported that 48% of email recipients decide to open the email simply based on the subject line.

Some things that you can do to make your subject lines better.

  • Try keeping it short (no longer than six words)
  • Know what your audience is looking for and make relevant content.
  • Focus on what they will gain after opening the email, instead of questions.

Personalize Your Content

Your content is like you are winning it, you give your best shot and you win it! Content is something you cannot neglect and you must keep it personalized for your recipients. When a customer enjoys what they are reading, they are likely to narrow it down. To make it personalized, you can begin addressing your email with the recipient’s name. It helps in enhancing the customer experience. The fact is that personalized emails tend to get 75% more revenue.

Bonus Tip — You can create a list of recipients into smaller groups based on their age, gender, city, product category, and more. Then, you can send targeted emails to specific audiences.

Keep It Short

Nobody has time to read long and boring emails. It has been observed that the average attention span of emails is just a few seconds. It is important to keep your email short, crisp, and clear to retain their attention. It will surely help to grasp their attention from beginning to end.

Set CTR Parameters

Opening an email is one thing, but your ultimate goal is to engage with your audience and make conversions, isn’t it? So, to measure the engagement rate on your email campaigns you need to have clear CTR parameters and these should be linked straight to the conversions and lead generations.

Review Emails on Multiple Platforms

You never know from where the user will open your email. It can be their phone, desktop, laptop, etc. So, before making your email campaign live, it is best to test them and see how it looks on HTML, website, and mobile. Knowing this will help you design your emails more efficiently and it will also ensure that your emails are optimized on all platforms.

Final Thoughts

Emails are definitely a game changer. The struggle is to stand unique among other email marketers, So, try these email marketing hacks and get a higher response rate in no time. Good luck peeps!



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