LinkedIn Tools: 4 Tools To Pump Up Your Marketing Efforts

LinkedIn is a buzzword in the world of social media platforms. With over 774 million members it is surely earning all the popularity. In just less than two decades of its launch, LinkedIn has today spread over 200 countries. Whoopsie! Today, it is not only a simple social media platform that connects employers with job seekers but also an extremely powerful marketing tool. If executed well, LinkedIn can create solid brand awareness and create some long-term professional relationships.

Being the world’s largest professional networking site, LinkedIn is a hub of several working professionals who can maintain connections with clients all over the globe. But, you know what’s more exciting? It can be a great lead generation tool! The platform can help in driving website traffic, generating leads, and even leveraging marketing successfully. And, the best part is there are a few LinkedIn tools that can accelerate your marketing efforts and improve the campaign ROI.

LinkedIn Tools To Boost Marketing Efforts


One of the most amazing LinkedIn tools we have come across is LeadFuze. This amazing tool can help in boosting your lead generation efforts by helping you find leads from over 200 million databases of professionals with ease.


  • Advanced features like — company size, technologies used, and more.
  • Can generate professional data from over 14 million organizations.
  • You can easily get data such as personal emails. This can help in making direct contacts with the prospective leads.


  • Instant email verification with AI-powered technology.
  • An automatic lead list can be generated using Fuzebot.
  • Duplicate contacts can easily be avoided by connecting the CRM.


  • The list is limited to 1000 contacts only.
  • The links of downloads are directly sent to the email.


Get 25 leads for free.
Starter Package begins at $132.30/month.
Scaling Package — $447.30/month.


Dux-Soup is considered to be the best LinkedIn lead generation tool. The tool can help in automating the profile visits that will help in boosting your reach.


  • Instant setups of automated drip email campaigns.
  • It can take notes and maintain customer data with ease.
  • Endorses skills, views prospects, and sends personalized messages automatically.


  • Allows easy upload of the profile lists for sales campaigns.
  • The drip campaigns instantly get stopped when the prospective lead responds.
  • Quick profile downloads and easy uploading of these profiles to the CRM.


  • Features like halting of the drip campaigns come with the Turbo plan only.


Free — 100 auto-viewed profiles per day.

Professional Plan — $11.25/month.

Turbo Plan — $41.25 per month.


Another one on the list is Leadfeeder which allows the companies to see what sort of companies visit your website and what exactly they are looking for. This smart tool is great to find B2B prospects that can convert easily. All you need is to connect it using your Google Analytics account and it will give you all the required details.


  • Provide instant email alerts when the target companies visit your site.
  • Give an overview of the type of companies visiting your site and what they are looking for.


  • A free trial is available.
  • The CRM gets updated automatically when the lead revisits the website.
  • Easy to use.


  • Lead filtering can a challenging task.


Lite Version — Free

Premium Version — $55/month.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Last but not the least, the list is incomplete with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This advanced tool can help in finding and targeting relevant companies and people. Not just that, it also helps in tracking the key leads and further helps in engaging with them. Sales Navigator provides customized lead recommendations and helps you discover the right people faster. Also, you can save the generated leads to the CRM with just a single click!


That’s all folks, this was our custom list of LinkedIn tools that can help in driving better results in 2022! Try them out and let us know your experience




Your technology partner is here! Softuvo Solutions is an IT consulting company that can accelerate your business growth! Welcome to our tech blogs section!

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Softuvo Insider

Your technology partner is here! Softuvo Solutions is an IT consulting company that can accelerate your business growth! Welcome to our tech blogs section!

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