Why should enterprises move to serverless computing?

In today’s tech-driven world, companies are constantly looking to magnify their business, services, and products offering. Many leading enterprises of today face the challenge of ensuring delivery and maintenance from a technology perspective. Amongst sundry resolutions, serverless computing remains one of the most potential ones.

Serverless computing in common words

The idea of serverless computing revolves around integrating architecture in which code execution is cloud managed. This is a step ahead of the traditional method where applications are developed by deploying them on servers. Using the concept of serverless technology, the developers need not worry about provisioning, maintaining, and managing servers, especially when deploying codes.

When we glance at the functions of serverless computing, things get even more enjoyable. Utilizing the technology, developers can easily break down their applications into stateless chunks. The programs can be executed without any context relating to the underlying server. Serverless computing uses function-as-a-service for ease of focus on coding and event triggers.

For businesses, regardless of scale and size, the serverless cloud offers plenty of operational efficiencies. Let us explore three of these in brief:

Server free management

Using serverless computing, companies can take advantage of remotely managed servers. Developers can operate without worrying about back-end issues or updates that persist in in-house or private servers. Coders need not even touch the servers. This not only frees up ample time to focus on pressing tasks, but also offers a sense of peace of mind that ensures productivity. Above all, the fact that managed servers offer secured data is something worth addressing.

The server-free management is accompanied by software-less installation. The runtime is at naught while the administration or maintenance is minimal. All of this helps companies to focus on activities that impact the customers.

Highly valuable

The traditional server infrastructure requires planning and preparations. The companies need to devise the amount of server capacity they will need to make a valid purchase. Even if the numbers seem accurate, companies usually end up paying extra for cloud services.

In contrast to this, server-free technology is valuable to its core. The users are not charged as per the server unit they own. They need to pay only for services they use. When the code runs only during the operations, the charges tend to decrease. And since the machine algorithm remembers the codes, the cost of repeated operations is further minimized. This makes the technology highly valuable and companies can easily cut down on server costs.

Serverless computing helps save money as companies need not pay for robust dedicated assets. They can avoid paying for idle resources and instead, use serverless computing to pay for what is used. For instance, application and data pipelines carry no traffic during the night, on weekends, or during festivals. The serverless technology remains shut during this time and saves a large amount of capital, aiding in ROI for companies.


Using server-free technology, companies are cashing on a separate data analytics funnel for each customer. This pipeline can be scaled up or down separately. As the user number grows or the usage increases, the applications integrated with serverless infrastructure adapt to the mechanism seamlessly. All of this ends up in efficient handling of inquiries, customer requests, traffic, and other data prompt.

Moreover, the technology aids in running various occurrences where the server can boot up, run and end the sequence as required. All of this happens on an individual level, offering a high amount of scalability and customization.


Serverless computing carries tons of benefits for large and small-scale companies. It can deliver faster time-to-market while enhancing developer productivity. It can bring significant savings that can improve the revenue management of an enterprise. Further, the technology can help in scaling applications and data pipelines dynamically. For entities who are searching for ideas to enhance infrastructure and improve the time-to-market, the transfer to serverless computing is an investment worth considering.

If you are trying to sort out a list of better server computing offers, you can get a good idea of potential service providers with a small search on the internet. Start your hunt now because it’s never too late to adapt to a novel technology that guarantees growth.



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